Podcast: Shane Tremeer on our 2021 successes and what we look forward to this year

Nigel Barnes

In our first episode of the year Shane Tremeer, our CEO, gives a rundown of the strategies that worked well for our business in 2021 and how this resulted in strong performance for investors.  In doing so he unpacks the three pillars of business – investment management, operations and distribution – and touches on our plans for 2022.

Nigel Barnes:

Hello and welcome to the first Denker Capital podcast of 2022. My name’s Nigel Barnes and today is the 27th of January. I’m very pleased to welcome Shane Tremeer, the chief executive of Denker Capital.

For the benefit of our listeners, Shane has had a long and illustrious career within the Sanlam group and joined Denker Capital formally, as permanent CEO, in mid-2021. You’re now an equity shareholder in the business Shane, which is great. Today we’re going to spend a few minutes looking back at 2021 and then looking forward to the year ahead – at some of the objectives for the business. Shane, if you look at asset management firms, in terms of their composition, they tend to be split into three areas – the operational functionality of the business; the investment manufacture of the business; and distribution. Let’s look at each of those parts. Could you give us a rundown on how things panned out in 2021 and an update of where the business is now?

Shane Tremeer:

Thank you, Nigel. Good topic! Before I get into those – one of the crucial things to mention is that the pandemic hit many businesses hard, ourselves included, and we were very proactive early on when we made a strategic decision to cut the cost base. Over the last two years, we’ve managed to cut 35% out of the cost base, which has really laid a solid foundation for us to move forward on and we are starting to see the benefits thereof now. So first and foremost, considering what happened in the market, it was important for businesses to align their costs with their revenue streams – and we did that.

The other thing we did, which is more to your point, was to look at what we think people want from Denker – which is obviously investment performance. So we separated our investment management function from operations and distribution and allowed our experienced and well-known portfolio managers to focus solely on managing money. I’ll speak a little to that because I think the fruits are already starting to show.  We had a fantastic year performance-wise, across our range, and it’s also allowed people to grow in their respective roles in operations and distribution.

Our operations team is headed up by Nomawanda Mpiyane and she’s done a great job there.

On the investment side Claude van Cuyck runs local equity, Kokkie Kooyman runs global financials, Jacobus Oosthuizen runs global equity and Madalet Sessions runs our multi-asset capability (our balanced and stable funds). It’s very pleasing to note that for the year of 2021, looking at performance* (because I think that this is key to any business like ourselves): The Denker SCI Equity Fund returned 31%; the Denker SCI Balanced Fund returned 26%; the Denker Global Financial Fund did 28% in US dollar terms; the Denker Global Equity Fund did 20% in US dollar terms; and our more conservative fund, the Denker SCI Stable Fund (in the multi-asset low equity space) returned 12% against its benchmark of 9%. These figures are well ahead of the funds’ respective benchmarks. So, across the board, I’m very pleased with the returns we’ve delivered for our clients.

Another change, which I think has contributed to this performance, is that we’ve shared our research capability (which previously was set up in hubs – global equity analysts, local equity analysts, etc.). Now our various research capabilities are used by all of the various strategies. I think this has led to a far more inclusive culture in the business and we are very pleased with the results – it also prevents duplication of work and allows us to play to our strengths.

Nigel Barnes:

Thanks Shane. So that’s covered the operational updates and the strong performance from the investment team. What can you add about distribution?

Shane Tremeer:

Probably one of the most key parts of running an asset management business is distribution. I’ve got a background in distribution, as do you, and I think it’s a key component. Access to distribution is ultimately a key differentiator. Many small managers, like ourselves, underinvest in this capability. We’ve made a strategic decision to roll out and invest in distribution. One of the first things we did, and quite innovatively I would say, is struck up a strategic partnership with Janus Henderson Investors. We’ve got exclusivity to market their funds in the South African market. Janus Henderson is a massive global asset manager – I think they’re managing in excess of USD450bn, primarily out of the US and the UK. This has given us really good exposure and association benefits. Secondly, which you’re very aware of Nigel, we’re appointing some business development managers (you’ve made your first appointment now). Our objective is really to get back into the face of decision makers and allocators in the market. We’ve got a good story to tell and we are very excited to do that.

Nigel Barnes:

Fantastic, Shane. So operationally and from a financial perspective, a lot of work has been done: The business is in great shape; a greater share of resources in the investment team; some fantastic performance came out of last year; and we have a renewed focus on distribution, probably for the first time for Denker Capital, with a stronger investment in the distribution capability of the business; and this partnership with Janus Henderson. So it seems like it was a pretty solid year Shane.  Looking forward – any plans for 2022 or anything specific you’d like to add?

Shane Tremeer:

Besides wanting more of the same from the investment team obviously, I believe we’ve got a solid base and processes in place. We are continuing to invest in the business, so we’ve bulked up with another senior analyst joining the local equity team soon. I really do see a focus, outside of maintaining and hopefully improving the investment situation and the returns that we we’ve managed to deliver there, on continued investment into distribution. It’s not just about distribution as a sales function – it’s about building the relationships with the key decision makers and the advisor market. Adding to this, which I’ve been very pleased with, is the reception we’ve gotten from the podcasts and from our social media presence – which is run by our Head of Marketing, Caylin Conradie. We really reached far more potential investors as well as advisors and decision makers than we have previously before. So, I think that investment into a more externally driven business is quite key to our success.

Nigel Barnes:

Another component is product development – any ideas there?

Shane Tremeer:

We are working on a number of interesting and exciting products. We have a local small cap capability in the business, which is probably not nearly as well-known as it should be and quite difficult to match actually. We launched a small cap hedge fund (S-Alt SC Qualified Hedge Fund +) two years ago, which has done extremely well. There’s a lot of interest for derivatives of this (and I don’t mean futures and options), as well as one or two other potential products that we are fairly far down the line in developing.

Nigel Barnes:

Hopefully this has given listeners a sharp overview of Denker Capital – how things have gone over the course of last year and a few comments on our plans for 2022. Thanks, Shane. I appreciate you taking the time and all the best for the months to come.

Shane Tremeer:

Thank you very much.

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