Social investment

We are committed to contributing to local educational, developmental and sustainability programmes.

At Denker Capital, our Transformation Committee is responsible for ensuring the execution of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives and projects within an approved framework. The key objective of our CSI initiatives is to help change the lives of previously disadvantaged children and young adults through education and other developmental programmes in our local communities.

Won Life

Won Life is a registered NPO with the vision of improving education to promote community upliftment in Fisantekraal (located just outside of Durbanville in the Western Cape). Won Life achieves its vision through four education-based programmes, namely: The Won Life Pre-Primary School, Literacy Centre, High School Education Centre and Teacher Mentorship Programme. Visit their website.

We provide financial assistance covering various requirements which include stationery, educational equipment and the monthly salary of the High School Education Centre’s Programme Manager. We also commit our time to various ad hoc tasks required at the Won Life premises.

Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Sentinel Ocean Alliance, based in Hout Bay, creates ocean-based opportunities and provides environmental education for the youth of South Africa’s previously disadvantaged coastal communities. In doing so, they address real challenges facing the youth and aim to create ocean activists and responsible future leaders – leaders that make meaningful contributions to society. Visit their website.