Meet our new Business Development Manager, Mico Hefer

Nigel Barnes

This month, we welcomed Mico Hefer to our team. With a background in wealth management, solid knowledge of investing and a passion for adding value to clients – Mico is well positioned for his role as Business Development Manager. He holds a B.Comm. Investment Management degree, with honours in Financial Economics, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Financial Planning. 

To help you get better acquainted with Mico, we asked him five questions.

1. What attracted you to Denker Capital?
My first encounter with Denker was at an event where Madalet Sessions, Head of Multi-Asset, delivered a brilliant presentation. I was working for an advice practice so, naturally, I did some research on Denker and its funds after that. Despite being a relatively young company, Denker boasted an exceptionally experienced and competent team, with high potential for growth. When the opportunity arose to join the business, it was a clear choice to seize it wholeheartedly.
2. What excites you most about your role?
The combination of being surrounded by some of the brightest minds from our industry, while being able to add value to our clients’ lives is something that excites me a lot. Being an extrovert, I knew that I was not going to pursue the traditional route and become an analyst after completing my studies. Nonetheless, I maintain a keen interest in the technical aspects of investments. This role suits my extroverted nature, while allowing for me to continuously learn from our brilliant team.
3. If you didn’t work in the asset management industry, what do you think you would have done instead?
I have always had two boxes that I needed checked: I wanted to work in (1) a client facing role which (2) involved investments. So realistically, I think I would probably have further pursued a career as a wealth manager had I not ventured into asset management.
4. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
As mentioned before, I am quite a big extrovert. My weekends usually tend to have quite a big social component to them. I also love various disciplines of sport, so I try and combine sport with social events as frequently as I can. Whether that is by playing a round of golf or watching the game with my friends at a braai, I will try and make it a part of my weekend. I also have a fiancée, who I love spending time with.
5. Describe the most bucket list-like moment you have had so far in your life.
I had the privilege of going to watch the Springboks play in the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023, with my dad. It was most certainly a bucket list item and something I will never forget! We also got to watch arguably one of the best matches of the entire World Cup, when the Springboks beat France in the quarter finals.


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About the author

  • Nigel Barnes

    Nigel’s focus is to drive the business development strategy and lead the sales function. Before joining us, Nigel fulfilled a range of business development and sales roles over a period of 10 years at Investec. While living in London, before relocating to South Africa, Nigel was the sales director at Deutsche Asset Management and a director at Close Finsbury Asset Management. His career started in 1995 and has included consulting work, where his main focus was building strategic partnerships in the financial services industry. Nigel joined Denker Capital in 2018, bringing with him a wealth of local and international asset management industry experience.