Introducing Nigel Barnes, our new head of business development

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We are delighted to introduce Nigel to our clients and associates. In his new role at Denker, he will provide strategic direction to our marketing and business development initiatives to enable more investors and their financial advisers to make optimal use of our funds. 

We are excited about growing our brand and business.
As you know, we are passionate about discovering investment opportunities around the world that build wealth for investors over time. In short, Nigel’s role as head of business development is therefore important to ensure that:
• more investors are aware of Denker Capital, the benefits of our offering and how they can invest with us, and
• when investors decide to entrust us with their money, they make informed and appropriate long-term decisions.

Nigel shares his thoughts on his new role below. 

What does business development at Denker entail?
First and foremost, it is about ensuring that we build long-term, client-centric, strategic partnerships to enable more clients to benefit from our investment approach and expertise. To do this we need to ensure we provide the right support to intermediaries, focus our marketing and investor education efforts to align the right investment solutions and capabilities with appropriate investors, and invest in sharing the wealth of ideas and insights that our team’s collective depth of experience provides.

What made you want to join Denker?
My values are aligned with Denker Capital. When I read the Denker values, I was attracted to working in a team that embraces fresh insights, offers opportunities to grow (individually and as part of the team), and is committed to doing what they say they are going to in a transparent way. In a world that is increasingly cynical about old-fashioned values, I was drawn to the opportunity to work with a team that not only has a profound amount of talent and skill, but also aspires to apply these values to help investors grow their wealth over time.

What do you do to relax outside work?
I like to spend as much time as possible with my children and enjoy riding the amazing trails of Southern Africa on my mountain bike.

Click here to get in touch with Nigel.

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